We carry a wide variety of plumbing tools. We strive for quality when it comes to tools so we spread out where we buy.


Some examples include: handle pullers, pipe taps, different types of spud wrenches, and tub drain removal tools.


Great quality tools as well as some specialty tools in stock. Examples include: Ram-Bits for removing plastic DWV pipe from a hub in 1 ½-4”, Compression Sleeve Pullers, hammer flaring tools, and the Quick Sweat Kit which allows for repairs in copper water lines without turning off the water supply!


High quality sawzall blades and hole saws. We stock a variety of blades for wood, metal and cast iron. Hole saws are available in nearly every size up to 4 ½”.


Screwdrivers and Tin Snips.

Turbo Torch

Torches for cylinder propane/mapp gas tanks for soldering. Regular and self-igniting in stock.


Tubing and Imp Cutters Only!! Limited products available via Special Order.


Aluminum Pipe Wrenches up to 3’ long in stock, as well as quality flaring tools and Cast Iron Soil Stack pipe snap cutter.