Product Line


(We also carry genuine OEM parts for ALL of the following).

Delta. Our main line. We stock a wide variety of kitchen, bath and bar faucets and have easy access to any faucet we do not have in stock. We also carry many repair parts and handle sets to complete your faucet.

Gerber. Great quality faucets including those hard to find classic tub and shower faucets. Gerber makes and we always keep in stock 3 handle and 2 handle tub/shower faucets. We also stock their newer Allerton decorative line, which can be seen in our showroom. Many repair parts also in stock. Made for professionals and sold by professionals.

Union Brass. Formerly known as Gopher” Brass. We stock many faucets and repair parts. Union specializes in a different selection of laundry tub faucets, classic wall mount kitchen faucets, and classic shelf back and slant back type lavatory faucets. Faucets also on display in our showroom.

Moen. Very limited Moen faucets in stock. We have just the basics in stock, which consist of the Chateau line. However, we do carry a fairly large selection of repair parts and all parts are available via special order.

Chicago. Very limited stock. The leader in Commercial quality. Faucets include mop sink, wall mount, adapt-a-faucets.

T&S Brass. Also limited stock, Commercial items include Mop Sink Faucets, 4”cc wall faucets and lever style drains.

Barclay. A good amount stocked. A wide range of claw foot tub faucets, accessories, and Surround kits.

Symmons. We do not stock any Symons faucets: however, we do carry genuine replacement parts directly from the manufacturer.

Kitchen Fixtures and Accessories

Revere. Stainless Steel Sinks. We stock only the basics: however, most sinks are available to us in one day. Sinks are on display in our showroom.

In-Sink_Erator. The leader in garbage disposal systems. We stock The Badger 5 and 5xp. as well as the complete Evolution line.

Opella. Decorative basket strainers and disposal waste assemblies in stock. Drinking dispenser faucets available via special order also with one-day lead-time.

Bath Fixtures and Accessories


Mansfield. Competitive priced quality vitreous china products. We carry a full line including 10 and 14” rough-in toilets, urinals, and select lav sinks.

Vitra. Our higher end china. Turkish made quality and competitively priced. Highly rated quality flushing is what this company is known for. We carry a variety of products including 10 and 14” rough-in toilets, and their newest green” line known as Evergreen.” Evergreen products were designed to help conserve water. These Items include 1.2 gpf gravity-fed toilets and 1.0 gpf pressure assisted toilets.

Barclay. Pedestal sinks. Limited stock available. A few that are stocked are the Hartford, the Chelsea, and the Stanford (all 4 sizes). Others available via special order with a 3-5 day lead-time.


Salo Manufacturing. Quality fiberglass shower stalls available in one piece or remodeler styles. Stock sizes include 32 x 32, 36 x 36, and 34 x 48. We also carry neo-angle showers in 38 and 30 x 60 tub and shower stalls. Domes also available for all sizes.

E.L. Mustee. We stock a wide variety of Mustee items. Shower bases in all available sizes are stocked as well as corresponding wall surround kits. Freestanding showers with faucet included in 32 and 36” in stock. The topaz 30x60 bathtub and its corresponding wall kits are also in stock.

Bootz. We carry one product from this manufacturer: a porcelain enameled stainless steel 4 1/2' (54") bathtub. A very hard to find product.


Alsons. We stock a variety different hand showers and hoses including all of the accessories from mounting brackets to vacuum breakers. Add a shower tub spouts and slide bar systems also in stock.



E.L. Mustee. We stock the model 18 single laundry tub and model 26 double laundry tub. High quality durastone construction-there is no comparison!


Hydromatic. 3 sump pumps stocked are the D-A1, V-A1 and W-A1 all have different types float systems. We also stock a 4/10 hp and 1/2 hp sewage pump.

Liberty. S37 model sump pump in stock as well as LE41 and LE51 model sewage pumps. The PRO370 and PRO380 tall and short complete sewage pump and basket assemblies are also in stock.


Rheem. Top quality heaters include a minimum 6-year tank warranty and we stock gas models ranging from 40-75 gallon. Electric heaters also in stock in 6-50 gallons. Powervent water heaters also in stock from 40-75 gallons. We also stock higher efficient models in 40 and 50-gallon gas known as the PRO” series.

Navien. Tankless Water heater technology beyond belief. 98% efficient. Vented with PVC!! Installing highly efficient Tankless heaters saves money over time!!