About Us

Constantly Progressing Our Plumbing
Supply Services

From the time Gopher was established to the family owned plumbing supplies store we are now, Gopher Plumbing Supply has been progressing our plumbing supply services to better accommodate you as our customer.

Nearly 100 years of providing
plumbing supplies

Gopher Plumbing Supply was founded in 1918 by two chemists. Now, with almost a century of providing plumbing supplies, Gopher has been a family-owned business for almost half a century, and our complete customer satisfaction policy has stayed the same from generation to generation. Originally bought by John Kodada, Gopher has since then been passed down to his son David and his daughter-in-law Cindy in 1982. Over the past years, Gopher Plumbing Supply has been:

Our customers are top priority

Our relationship with you, our customer, is top priority. With a family oriented background and a vast amount of knowledge in plumbing supplies, we’ve dedicated our time to always meeting your plumbing supplies needs and questions in a most friendly and accurate manner. Our prompt delivery services and wide variety of common and specialty plumbing products insure that you’ll find what you need for your plumbing project, and get it when you need it.